“Ransomware”, “Cryptoviruses”, being a cyber security student, these were just buzzwords to me. I thought the ransomware attack happened to organizations, or institutes, or basically, other people. People who might actually have something valuable. Do you see where this is going?

So one fine day my dad calls for me from the other room, I go and he points to the PC monitor. (so we still have a desktop PC that my parents use.)

Anyway, this is what I see as the Desktop Wallpaper:

Source: https://sensorstechforum.com

For the uninitiated, the GandCrab ransomware, or basically any ransomware, encrypts all your files and demands…

— May 17, 2018 —

Anneyong! This story is about how when you don’t want to study, the universe doesn’t help.

— 16-May-2018, 9:30 AM —

I opened my laptop for some last minute revision for my OS Hardening Exam at 2 PM.

No, not revision, I needed to study quite a few topics from scratch.

So I opened certain questionable PPTs on one side, and Chrome on the other for the good old Google and Wiki based studying. The battery was below 15% so I plugged it in.

About 20 Minutes into it my screen completely froze, the mouse…

Pooja Bharadwaj

Master’s student in Cyber Security

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