This is for you (hate you, for turning me into a corny poet!)

How do I show you, show you how deep
have you seeped in under my fragile skin
Pulling you out would take skinning me alive
until nothing is left of me, emptied within
fight me, fight me, fight me more, love
fight yourself out of me, just to sink deeper in

One moment of embrace, a memory of kiss
enchanted me forever, heaven forbid
Fallen like a moth have I, that’s fallen under the spell
of a beckoning bright flame, oblivious to the death
Only I am not oblivious to the unforgiving truth
nor are you,my dear, of our bloody duet

Your imperfections, my imperfections
ever wading a bitter war
churning out every bit of poison,
every bit of sickening sweet alike
feeding me just enough life to keep me from wading off
to those unknown realms of apathy, never to come back

Come back is what I do, ’cause I am still not dead
Come try and kill me and try hard and good
Don’t stop it untill time hasn’t freezed the blood
Oh dear love, fear me not, dear I hold these fears
out they go down the lane calling for your’s
I sure do sound like a fool to my own ears
let alone the by stander who’s never shed a tear

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