Love is something which is unexplainable, indefinite, a word whose meaning is not restricted to a simple sentence given in dictionary. Love is something which is far beyond an apple finish. If you encounter any question like “ What is Love for you?”, You must answer it as “can’t explain”.

We love everyone we wanted to, difference lies only in expression and the depth with which are connected to that someone! Love is far beyond understanding, trust, loyalty and many more synonyms a person uses for defining love. If you truly love someone, these things automatically become part of love. When we are in love, we find peace when that someone is around, our soul searches for that person every time, we feel refreshed if he/she talks to us about our customary routine.

When we talk about parental love, thats again an endearment which can’t be explained. Being a teenager, we never realise what our parents mean to us. When we grow as an adult, a mixture of understanding and trust is required since thinking and views go different but one thing that remains is “LOVE”, it never ends since parental love is inevitable. The same case is with brother/sister love, no matter how the circumstances would be, the warmth of the cuddle remains the same forever which doesn’t have any substitute!

Being a lover/beloved is among the best feeling ever. Expression lies in surrendering the mental and physical counterparts. You start liking everything about that person whether you are comfortable with it or not. Its about liking the way he/she touches you without using hands, butterflies in the stomach! A deep affection, the hardcore feeling of dying without the presence of that special someone expresses your love. Realising the feeling of being in love on time is far beyond any kind of happiness you will ever get.

Life has always been easy to everyone, challenges makes it more interesting. Love of loved ones is something which is an eternal confidence to overcome those challenges, to live life fully, to awaken your soul…it solely depends on our perspective that how we deal with the de tours of life. Because almighty has granted us wholeheartedly with a feeling lying inside us that is “LOVE”. Love is not meant to harm anyone, its a sign of strength not weakness…

Fall in LOVE, Live with LOVE…!!!

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