3 Steps to Elevate User’s Mobile App Experience with UI Designs

With millions of apps launched and running on Play Store and Apple App Store, how can a business ensure that they are not offering the same experience as twenty other mobile apps published on the stores? By taking their app’s UI to the next level. But like all the good, rewarding things in life, cracking the formula of an attention grabbing, memorable UI design is a lot easier said than done. There are a number of elements that come
together to become a pleasant, non-tiring mobile app experience for the users.
In this digestible write-up, we will be looking into the three UI elements that are known to elevate the mobile app experience.
Let us begin –

1. The On-Boarding Experience
Until you are Facebook or Twitter or some other similar brand that majority of the mobile app users have grown up with, never underestimate the power of a simple easy to follow on-boarding experience. It never hurts to show the ropes to your users.

2. A Language That They Understand
This point is for all those businesses that are still living under the cloud of illusion that for an app to be successful, it will have to be made with a US client base in mind. This could not be further away from the truth! Majority of the app user demographics is made up of non English speakers and it is prime importance that you design your app for the audience you are targeting and then design it around their culture.

3. Fonts and Colours
If ever a book is written on mobile app designs, the first chapter would be allotted to fonts and colours. Although these two are as basic as mobile app designing could get, there are a number of brands that still don’t use them right. My rule, when it comes to Fonts and Colours is this — When in Doubt, use Roboto and Light, Plain Backgrounds.
What are the UI design elements that you feel can change what the users’ experience? Let’s discuss them in the comments below.