Everyone should be a slave of their ideas. Here’s why!

There are times when everyone goes by the road yelling at themselves about something stupid they did on someone else’s words! Yes, that feeling of frustration is what brings you down to the core of why you should listen to that stupid little voice screaming inside your head and screeching your brains for doing that one thing the world thinks should not be done!

Interestingly, the one’s who do that are the one’s who succeed, the others just pass on their existence into the hands of some not-so-mature-but-experienced life bosses who are ‘a part of society’.

I’ve been there, done that. Regretted there, learned that.

Everything was blank, dark and fragile. I felt like that one beaming ray of hope that envisioned me to the lands where I belong was fading away. Frail and damaged, I somehow gathered myself and broke out of the shackles of ‘Society’ to venture into something that people think is like beating an axe on your foot. Trust me, Opinions are like Onions. They make you cry the tears that you shouldn’t have! But they aren’t always irrelevant, when valued correctly they bring taste to your life and make your decisions better. But when all are heard and hailed, your life starts tasting bitter.

So choose wisely, things once done can not be undone. But that doesn’t mean your turn is gone. In Regrets lie Second Chances. So make the most of today, let people be heard and in your head unheard.