12 Best Habits to “Wellness” — Habit 2

Now, that for one week you have been able to inculcate the practice of consuming the Health tonic every morning (kindly note: you may refer my previous article in case you are unsure of what I am taking about), am sure you feel happy about starting on the right path. It’s often liberating just to know that you are taking the right step in the right path, though you have not yet reached your final destination.

I am proud of you and so should you be on being disciplined enough to start the program and stick on to it for a week now. Hold your breath you don’t have to fret if you were not on able to do this like clockwork for all the 7 days. Try not to skip the good habit for 2 days in a row going forward.

Now, quickly moving onto Habit Number 2 that totally was such a simple but such a profound exercise for me.

Habit 2: Week 2

The Grateful Heart:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

How you start your mornings can be truly one of the most important life choices you make. This is something I have come to realize over the years. This specific habit is a wellness habit that was ingrained in me by my mom from when I was like as tiny as a pod. People who interacted with me right through college particularly told me I was just such a happy person and asked how I was like that. I thought it was my personality. I was just plain fortunate to be born with the “happy” gene. Little did I know, that in adulthood, when I did stop this beautiful habit of getting up in the morning and thanking the good Lord for all the wonderful things he had done for me, the happiness factor dwindled slowly and steadily.

I attributed it to my challenging situations, stress of work life or did I call it responsibility of adult life, I don’t remember. But one thing I know for sure — I wasn’t that happy person I used to be. Neither was anyone around me particularly radiant either.

Then thank God I re-started this magical habit and you will not believe it, deep down me I started feeling a serene, calm composure, a joy that lifted my spirits and told me I would be empowered to change the world. Yes, I started singing once again to the flat tunes of life and they started changing to melodious little songs.

Scientific fact world:

  • A highly cited study by UCLA and the University of Miami found that people who wrote down what they were grateful for, were cheerful, optimistic, happier and healthier.
  • American researchers — Emmons and McCullough, 2003, found that young adults who kept gratitude journals were showed greater increases in determination, attention, enthusiasm and energy.

How do we practice nurturing a grateful heart?

Thank You Lord

In my life, the habit of saying out loud, yes putting in words the feelings of gratefulness and thanksgiving right after having my healthy tonic has helped immensely.

Yes I understand the school of thought which goes where people say you can think about it, write about it. However, in my experience giving those thoughts words and saying those words out in audible volume rather releasing those words out in the atmosphere as a thanksgiving has been a huge step towards enabling my day begin on the right note.

Typically, what I do is I give thanks to God for the previous day’s blessings, the good night sleep and for the new day that I have received. If I have some special things that I look forward to doing that day, I mention a thanksgiving for that being part of my day’s schedule and most importantly I thank God for filling my life with the most beautiful people. Yes there are days when even thinking of being thankful seems like a mundane task. So on those days, I pause to basically visualize the reality of the little basic things that make my day beautiful like having an abode to stay, being able to have the kind of food I want to, if I haven’t gained weight, if I have not lost my loved ones and allow the feeling of gratitude to sink in deep and permeate my “being”.

That’s a great place to be..to feel this feeling deep inside of you. You may call it prayer, meditation, or just plain thanksgiving.

Life’s good.

Would love to hear of how you felt after practicing this habit for Week 2.