2017 Trends for Mobile App Development

The industry for mobile application development has seen an ample number of changes recently. The latest technologies, the launch of new programming languages and new requirements has made mobile applications a new landscape. There are apps from shopping to education and has become one of the essential parts of daily life. In fact, from the survey, it has been found that one-third of the e-commerce sales come from mobile devices. A lot of innovations for mobile applications is being done in the past couple of years and the mobile app trends are transforming on a good scale. Some of the changing trends in mobile app development are:

  1. Cloud Based Development Significance:

Those who are working for mobile application development must know that cloud-based computing is making a dip in technical industry as it is simplifying our life. This facility lets us operate applications on multiple devices as the data is stored on the server. Almost all the applications build these days use cloud technology.
This tech helps the developers to build amazing mobile applications to be used on different devices with the same features and content. Cloud Based development is done using tools available and gives you complete integration and submission on the application store. This is also decreasing the impact development time by streamlining the development process and making development faster.

2. Swift Programming Language of Apple in Demand:

When Apple’s Swift Language was not introduced, developer create programs through languages like HTML, C++, and Objective-C. Swift has made the mobile application programming easy for developers and it’s a surety from the TIOBE index (It is programming community index to measure the popularity of programming languages) that Swift is going to be very popular in the year 2017.
Swift was launched in the year 2014 and has become one of the famous languages on the Internet. Its desktop based version is also available and named as Perfect. Now it is very easy for programmers to create mobile applications and server side management platforms.

3. Best time to build Enterprise apps:

We all know that Consumers love to install free applications, but it is now high time to build enterprise apps. Enterprise apps will bring millions of money to the makers as businesses are expanding and the need for these apps will grow only. These apps will help the enterprises to have made their day to day jobs efficiently. Some the enterprise apps include automated billing systems payment processing, HR Management, messaging and collaboration systems, Customer Relationship Management and much more.

4. Time for IoT and Wearables:

The google glass, Apple watch, Apple Pay, Paytm etc. has taken the mobile application technology to a different track and is going to be the prominent trend in 2017. Till the time Wearables are only affecting the healthcare and fitness industry, but is expected to be expanded in the other areas too in the year 2017.
Through research and analysis, it found that the Internet of Things is going to be a big thing in the next few months. The developers must focus on IoT and wearables applications to earn maximum profits.

5. Mobile App Security:

With the increase in the data breach and hacking activities, the security of apps should be the prime concern for developers. These activities have affected various government and start-up organizations. It is seen that plenty of apps are unable to pass primary security tests.
Sundry apps store personal and important information of customers on the server with less protection. So reports say that mobile security is a great concern for both android and iOS apps in 2017.

6. Robotic applications

Recently robotic technologies are used at a high scale, especially in automotive industries. Though this is not accessible for common users, but yes, humans are always fascinated towards such ideas. So in 2017 it is expected that robots may reach into the homes and the requirements of new robotic apps will increase. There is a Robotic App store which serves best robotic applications.

7. mHealth apps:

mHealth are prominent apps of this year and going to be among the latest trends for upcoming years. The wearables and sensor-based devices can diagnose and track the health of patients, so it is expected that there will be a demand for mHealth apps in 2017. Dedicated mobile health apps are also expected to be in trends for upcoming years.

With the apple and android stores, the craze has increased over past few years. So the developers should take care that applications work on all screen sizes. The most important factor for any app is user experience and inspires the developers to create amazing apps every day. For the upcoming years, it is a suggestion for all mobile app developers that do not rely on old technologies use better skills as per the latest trends of the market.