8 Advantages of Using Drupal Development for Your Website

If you are looking for a brand new website then Drupal web development is the best content management system for you. It is an open source CMS with complete flexibility for various websites and applications.

It has big market where themes, modules and distributions are available making your customized website very easily. One can make their personal to social networking websites in Drupal without paying a single penny. Some of the benefits of having a website in Drupal are:

  1. Open Source Framework

Drupal has ample number of free modules and themes available with it. One can add specific features with these themes and this reduce the development of website cost.

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2. Easy Customization

In this modern world being stagnant is not a good idea therefore Drupal offers lots of customizable options for layouts, themes, designs etc. The templates which it provides are feature rich which makes it simple to customize.

3. Painless SEO

Drupal is SEO friendly with clean and complete codes providing modern way of web development. One can easily add 3rd party SEO modules to make your website popular among visitors.

4. Available for mobile

Yes Drupal is completely responsive as its websites can be used on any device with complete features. This feature adds glares to Drupal as it improves market for Drupal and produce more potential customers.

5. Sizeable API Supports

Properly documented API’s are must for customized modules and Drupal provides you an extensive API support. It can be used in all types of applications like Facebook, Twitter etc.

6. Drupal for e-commerce

By adding features like payment gateways, infinite images, open API’s and modules Drupal became prominent among the crowd. It has ready solutions to all problems of e-commerce.

7. Security

Drupal upgrades itself regularly and complete security patches. The coding is complete and clean and always safe from any kind of exploits. The Admin panel makes Drupal secure.

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8. Scalable

It is scalable as one can add any number of pages in website let’s say from 10 to 10,000 pages can be added along with any number of changes.
Drupal is easy to create content, interact from 3rd party media, fast deployments and much more. So without wasting a single minute you can have a Drupal website to get leads and improve your marketing.