50 shades of me

Now don’t get the wrong idea ;) read on ull know what I mean.

I’ve been called many things at work. Mother of dragons, Karan Arjun Ki ma, Gandalf, Lara Croft (I went through a major phase of tight pants and hot shirts.. Anyway not that I even have that body :/) and many other heroes and sometimes anti heroes.

While these are all said in jest. Some I actually appreciate, some I question but to all I smile.

My question here is does a guy who wins a big account called iron man? Or if he looks after his team called Karan Arjun ke papa? Or wears leather called (that game of thrones character, I never seem to get the name)

Is there a need to always fit women in characters? Or roles? And if it is, let’s make the most of it. I’m not going down the wife, mother, daughter route but.. why fight it. I actually don’t mind being called mother of dragons. I’ve built a lethal team, ninjas more than dragons but what the hell. They’re lethal none the less.

However don’t we all look at women who’ve done well professionally as women who’ve done something out of the ordinary. It’s strange that a man building a career and scaling heights is a given, a must even, but a woman doing well is “oh she must be something”. I’m not going to bother looking at she’s meant for babies and a family, because that thankfully has not been my environment but it’s a reality for so many.

There were some articles with my name in them a few days ago, I got a call from a school friend who said “good for you pooja, you worked on ur career and made something of ur self. I just made babies”. I felt like shit, not for her but for me. I’m certain she thought I judged her and looked down on her but it made me think, have I missed the bus? Is that a part of my life I will not be able to enjoy. Is it good babies are taking time?

It’s a constant battle, the preconceived notion of having to choose one over the other. Guilt tripping my self over the decisions I take so often.

I have however realised its in the act of balance. We can win at work and be able to manage everything else in our lives. Isn’t that why we’re called superwomen in the first place?

But the point of all this is that it’s important that women help women, talk to each other about their own experiences on handling all the things that matter. Babies, in laws, house help, balance sheets, pitches everything. We’ve got to pass on our learnings and experiences to as many young women out there. It’s important. So that they can take informed decisions and never have to choose one over the other.

So ladies be it Mother of dragons on one day and Gandalf on the other.. We can make babies, run an army and still rule the world.

In Beyoncé words “Who run the world. Girl” (can’t believe I quoted Beyoncé 😂)