Benefits of Latest Solar Water Heater System

Heating water is very expensive, as it requires a huge amount of energy. It is believed that 18% of domestic energy is used to heat water. In most homes and businesses, this energy is generated from fossil fuels — gas and oil. Most modern domestic boilers will run on gas and heat water on demand. Nevertheless, many people still heat their water using electricity, which is the most expensive way to heat water.

Over the past several decades, different solar water heater manufacturers, ranging from correlation-based methods to simulation-based methods such as transient system simulation, have developed a number of design methods for solar water heating systems. In recent years solar water heater manufacturers uses some design methods by optimization techniques such as linear and nonlinear optimization and evolutionary algorithms have been proposed. These optimization-based methods are conceptually different from traditional correlation- and simulation-based methods in terms of the process of finding the optimal design.

The proposed multi-objective optimization method is developed to determine the optimal design of an indirect forced-circulation solar water heating system based on the minimization of the Life cycle cost and maximization of the life cycle net energy saving. To obtain an efficient and reasonable design, installation- and operation-related design variables as well as capacity-related design variables are optimized. The sizes of the main components except for the heat exchanger and storage tank, whose quantity is fixed as one, are computed using their quantity and unit capacity. The unit capacities of each component are recognized according to the device types, which are expressed as the identification number assigned in regular sequence in the inputted data tables.

Benefits of Solar Water Heating system

  • You are using free energy! Solar energy is free and abundant (even in cloudy weather).
  • They are efficient. Approximately 80% radiation is turned into heat energy.
  • They are cheaper to install than solar PV panels because you only need 2–3 panels.
  • You save money on fuel bills.
  • They lower your carbon footprint
  • Domestic and commercial properties are entitled to claim the renewable heat incentive. This means that you will be paid for generating your own heat energy regardless of whether you use it all. There is a user-friendly calculator available, which tells you how much you can earn through this scheme. It can be hundreds of pounds a year.
  • Safety: This is an important issue when compared to other heaters. For example, the chances of you having a gas leak and explosion from it is very high when compared to the electrocution from wire that isn’t good. In terms of safety, many people see it as more beneficial to them than the gas, which when disaster strikes causes lots of damages

Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating

  • Solar thermal panels can only heat water. Solar PV panels, however, generate electricity and some of this electricity can be used to heat water. Therefore, there is more flexibility with solar PV.
  • Annual maintenance is recommended. This is because there are a few parts to the system like the pump and antifreeze, which need to be checked to ensure that they are performing optimally.
  • Usually a new hot water cylinder will need to be installed so space is required to house this.

Author’s Bio

Candice Hubbard looks at some of the benefits of solar water heater systems and the disadvantage of it making comparison with other geyser heaters