Why Are Children So Obsessed With Drawing Books

Drawing books aren’t in no means a substitute for drawing with pencil to paper and practicing your drawing skills. Drawing books can help children in many ways and keeping them on track with different information on techniques. When we talk about books, they are something that is regarded as personal. Why really do children really draw? Most times, it’s a way of expressing your thinking and feelings. These drawing books are essentially necessary for children who don’t have the verbal ability in communicating their feelings and the only way to do this is through drawing books. When a child use a sketch pen to draw something that is familiar to them, for example, a dog, they are afforded with the opportunity to express how they feel and think towards this animal. From the drawing books, they can recall from their memory what they know about the dog. This is very important because it extend their skill of concentrating. Using this drawing book help in developing the manipulative skills, which will support them to write. Hence creating that obsession with drawing books.

Stages of art development

There is a uniqueness in every child and they have a pattern of development. The same stages are undergone by many children, but there is variation in terms of age. The first of this stage is the experimentation, which involve the younger child learning how to draw marks on the paper. The idea behind this is to see what can be done through a repetition of the practice. When the use of the pencil can be easily controlled, the child now draws circular patterns, which takes lesser part of the paper.

Coloring drawing Books

According to some studies carried out, the use of coloring drawing books has some kind of restricting on the independence of expression and creativeness of the child’s ability. But some children can use the drawings in the drawing books as a model of what objects or things look like. The child may have this thinking that if for example a cat looks a way in the drawing book, some of them tends to believe that all cats look that way. They might not be able to have that sense that what is expected isn’t accomplished. This can restrict the creativity and ability for the child to draw with their emotion and feelings. Art work is all about the use of imagination and experimenting with diverse expressions and methods. Sketch pen is important for your kids when using the drawing books.

There are a lot of drawing books available for in bookshops and online stores. One of such book is the Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals. This book is loaded with some of the coolest things for kids. It has lessons that show how to draw a variety of animals, including lions, frogs, mice, birds, dragons, and more. They are very easy and full of various fun activities. The book provides you with various hour of art-full entertainment.

Adam Fish in this articles looks at mechanical pencil can help in the development of the child. He also expounded some of the reasons these drawing books might be reducing the creativity of the child.