Why Corporate Social Responsibility for Girl Child in India

In this part of the world, many firms and companies are coming up and taking initiatives in developing the downtrodden and those who require one form of help or the other. This process of helping out by these companies can be tagged as their corporate social responsibility. Many firms and companies have taken the responsibility to help the girl child in India get a free education. Most corporate companies are bidding the NGOs, which is either directly or indirectly sourced to carry of various development all work for the society. Every company can take part in helping the society through corporate social responsibility. This is something that has contributed to the respect and good reputation of companies that are involved.

Different areas of work

Different places in India require massive developments and other basic needs, which aren’t available. As a result of corporate social responsibility in India, every firm can play a vital role in assisting a particular sector of the economy. Different areas do need much work to be done and corporate firms can take a clue through NGOs or through themselves. The girl child education in India is a common problem and many families are ignorant of the importance of education. This has made many NGOs to advocate for the education of the girl child. Efforts have been constantly made in convincing every area of the family in understanding the importance of education and their vital role that are being played by many companies in carrying out their corporate social responsibility in India.

Role of nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations are rising up in taking the challenge of ensuring that the basic rights of the girls; mostly in rural areas are respected. As part of corporate social responsibility in India, these NGOs are acquiring funds from every corporate industry as well as government to work on different developmental task. Various programs and initiatives have been taken by NGOs in making them popular in different rural areas. They are fighting for the rights of the girl child education, empowerment of women and help in advocating for the self-reliance or self-dependence of the women in the society.

How effective is the initiative?

The corporate social responsibility in India is something that has helped many people and is still helping those below the poverty level. Those who lack the ability to meet their basic needs. It is an effective tools used by many companies to help in maintaining their reputation. Companies are either directly or indirectly associated with such developmental programs through NGOs who are known to take different steps to fulfil the need of common people.

Author’s Bio

YurajZublin in this article looks at how the corporate social responsibility in India has helped many who are below the poverty level and how the girl child in India needs to be educated.