A Resolve I’m Resolved to Keep

200 words a day!

That’s right, 200 effing words a day.

Years and years of failed attempts at writing and publishing articles, and I have decided that all the good intentions in the world can go and hang themselves. When it comes to me, I can achieve diddly-squat until I have a sword hanging over my head.

So, this year, I’ve made a solemn promise to write and publish 200 words a day.

Just 200 words a day.

But why 200 words, you ask?

I don’t know. I haven’t thought this thing through and I dont have all the answers right now.

I started this initiative on a whim, because I am the queen of procrastination. I can swing a wrecking ball through the best laid plans with such panache, you’ll laude my efforts.

Consequently, I work best on impulse and I am hoping this works where all my planning hasn’t.

But that still doesn’t answer your question — why 200 words a day?

Honestly, there’s no good answer I could give you that would satisfy your itch. I figured 200 words is the bare minimum I could bring myself to write every day. My furiously fast fingers type out a lot more than that on What’sApp and Skype and Facebook every single day. So why not here?

Besides, 200 is just that perfect number that’s appealing, without being intimidating. You look at 200 words and say, “Pffft! 200 words?” or “Awww … 200 words? So cute!”

That said, 200 words isn’t an upper limit. I could write more, if I want. But, even if I don’t want to … I have to write 200 words. Every day.

So, at least 200 words a day!

It doesn’t matter what I write, how I write, whether I am able to produce a gem of a piece or whether its trash by every standard of measure. I am going to write.

Regardless of who’s reading it or if nobody is reading it at all, I am going to write.

Whether I have something to write about or not, I am going to write.

This writer is back with a vengeance!