Stagnant Career -What’s your next move?

You step out of college, having dreams and aspirations of who you want to be and how you see yourself in the next couple of years. Three years down the line, you feel exhausted and skeptical about where you are headed and most often wondering what went wrong?

This is when you look for reassurance and a support system who could guide you professionally. However, let’s be honest — we rarely find this! So, if you are in a professional dilemma, what is the best career move? and how can you avoid reaching this saturation?

I’ll start with the latter, here are 4 reasons that get you to the point of saturation

  1. Karōshi (a Japanese term for ‘overwork death’) — yes, it is an actual thing! Most of us tend to overwork, at the beginning of our career as we stay back, pull all-nighters as we are self-motivated, sometimes money lures us in and some find joy in impressing the higher management. This ‘overwork’ in the initial years gradually drains the brain, hence you feel less excited and worn out.
  2. Lack of Sport — who knew? a healthy body sparks a healthy mind, hence any form of sport should be a mandatory fit into your lifestyle. Sports gets your heart pumping and the adrenaline rush is exactly what you need to stay motivated. This article findings has fun ways to bring sports at work to boost productivity
  3. Disruptive Finances — One the biggest reasons why most of us hesitate to quit is due to instability in income or lack of savings. We are compelled to work in an environment we do not enjoy and eventually reach a saturation not knowing how to go forward. There’s a fix — start saving and make smart investments before you burn out. There are some friendly apps (and they are free!) to guide you through expenses and savings
  4. Meaningless Connections — carefully choose to be friends with your bosses and colleagues, these are folks who you like to vent out/ discuss your day to day activities, some only aggravate your negativity to the fullest. Most of us find it easy to let go of small issues, however over a period of time the problems accumulate and so does the saturation, resulting in a brawl or bitter exits. A healthier option would be to discuss it with the peer on a professional front, a quick meeting or a coffee can work wonders. A study on what contributes to meaningless connections is worth a read

Consider these potential issues as you begin your career, it’s never to late to change. Coming back to the former, when you have realized that you are at the saturation point — what next?

Everyone aspires for a change, when you feel all roads have reached a dead point, there is no turning point, you need to take the call — either you speak up and voice yourself to the employer about what has gone wrong, take accountability of what was yours and come to a common standpoint of how your career can be mapped along in the current situation. The second option, is for you to listen to your inner calling — be it taking a vacation, a sabbatical, to quit or to eve kick start your own enterprise with the experience you have, but take an action!