Netflix and other streaming services are a go-to for people, and the shift from Cinemas and cable TV has been enormous. Same applies to me, I use Netflix for entertainment, to take a break after work, or on Saturday night’s in.

When I’m on Netflix, I usually continue watching a TV show that I fell asleep watching the previous night, or browse for some new documentary or movie that I want to watch with my dinner.

Below is the flow for my two moods- continue watching what I’ve been watching or look for something new to watch

I assume most…

Amazon has changed lives, it has shaped e-commerce for us. Website usability is subjective and varies by generation. Younger generations may be more tech-savvy, but everyone appreciates an accessible and functional website. A recent survey found that most generations rank Amazon’s user experience (UX) as the most appealing.

A few reasons for it being a usable website is based on the principals of LEMErS.

Learnability- Amazon’s website is initially a bit intimidating as it has too much content on a page but it has its IA in order and everything is well-categorised. With the search bar being prominent in the…

via Adobe Blog

The history of IA and its relevance

Information Architecture is crucial because information is everywhere. It started way back with the use of glyphs, telling stories through pictures, to then having scroll bibliographies.

Development of language allowed us humans to classify and organise all the information in the world. Starting with the invention of the printing press, which lead to mass publications and books. These were then structured by having indexes within books and libraries organising those books, that gave rise to this field of information architecture.

As humans we compartmentalise things to make sense of them. We put them in boxes, we relate to shapes, colours…

Project Ara, a concept by Google, back in 2015, which aimed for modular phones and for users to be able to fully customise their phones. The idea was to let customers pick and choose from different components as per the users liking. This included changing USB ports, adding a projector or replacing the screen or battery. Although a brilliant idea and concept, it failed, for a number of reasons.

It was extra work, when a user buys a new phone, they dont worry too much about all the components that are working okay. Users expect all the core functions to…

We are surrounded by products in this day and age, that range from something very basic like a pen, to an app, to Amazon’s Alexa and it is moving to things which are even more ubiquitous.

After hanging out with an older friend, I realised how different using digital products for the newer generation is; they tend to experiment more, press the wrong buttons, because they know theres always a way to go back, or undo the action. My friend struggled to use Airbnb, and although that is a well designed product, with great UX / UI, it still was…

its beautiful

its crazy

its a roller coaster

it starts with random texts exchanged throughout the day,

a lot of smiling while looking into your phone

a lot of questions, a lot of intrigue- the want and joy to know a whole new person

their likes, dislikes, fears, past, theres just so much- so much to talk about

Thats what people are addicted to- getting to know someone

texts answered instantaneously,

constant checking your phone

But unfortunately, in our generation, thats where it stops

people are bored with monotony

nothing new to talk about — i know everything about her

Pooja Shah

Communication Designer & Architect

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