Information KIOSK Software

The information technology has improved a lot over the last two decades. To have a powerful effect among competitors, customers and employees information technology plays a major role in firms to deliver messages and services. To store and access the right data or information is important no matter what the situation is at that point Information Kiosks Software is the single solution for hundreds of applications. XIPHIAS software provides different types of Information kiosks which are user-friendly and for easy storage information.

An Information kiosk is a user interface software tool that is used to give information in both a visually satisfying and well-organized way. By using information kiosk almost every type of business can be benefited. Some of the industries and markets that already depend on are visitor centers, Banks, office lobbies, Hospitals, Zoos, cafeterias, and agencies etc.,

Different type of Information kiosks that XIPHIAS focuses on manufacturing and providing are:

v Document kiosk- It is mainly used for office and industries as a multitasker for employee self-service.

v Freestanding kiosk- It is one of the best information kiosks with a broad range variety of options such as credit card reader and receipt printer.

v Environ Outdoor kiosk- It is also known as a weatherproof information kiosk great for parks and community-centric venues.

v Pedestal kiosk- These type of kiosk has a massive usage in events for surveys and also for interactive mapping in lobbies, reception, and campuses.

Benefits of using Information kiosk software are:

1) Sharing and Easy to Organize Information

2) Available 24hrs a day

3) Reduces Staffing costs

Information kiosks software help to increase engagement, expand Sales and growing returns. For the users accessing information is faster and can be updated dynamically.