Let’s give a warm welcome to our prefered token.
$PLFY tokens are ‘dividend-eligible’ revenue shares in POOLIFY Finance, through which holders earn profits generated by POOLIFY Finance and are entitled to vote on essential platform decisions.

$PLFY is the main token that unlocks the full power of the platform. By holding and staking the token, users will be able to:

  • Earn platform revenues generated by the platform
  • Earn more $PLFY by locking the stake
  • Become an active member of the community with voting rights
  • Unlock the Crowd Metaverse pools that can be used to trade shares of Metaverse Assets

Token metrics:

The supply of $PLFY is limited at 100 Million tokens and will be initially distributed through our private and public sales. After the launch of the platform, POOLIFY users will be able to farm $PLFY or tradable directly on our Poolify Express DEX.