How to claim your Cardano ITN rewards

Since epoch 209, the rewards are available on Cardano Mainnet, and you can already claim yours with Daedalus 2.0.0 (you don’t need Yoroi).

  1. Restore your ITN wallet in Daedalus
Add wallet > Restore > Yoroi wallet > 15 words (Incentivized Testnet wallet)

2. Your balance should show up immediately, wait for the sync to be finished.

3. HOLD A SECOND. If you try to send your lovelaces to your primary wallet, you’ll be met by an error saying you can’t do it because there’re only ITN rewards in the wallet. The truth is your rewards are not on the chain yet, and we cannot move things that are not on the chain.

4. Send a few ADAs from your primary wallet to your new ITN wallet, you only need 1 ADA or so to cover the transaction fee later.

5. Now you can send your rewards back to your primary wallet, and they’ll be on the chain: ADAs are minted from thin air.

Brought to you by pool MARS ( 1901fe3a22a4ec7df4f098c9ff56d3a40c9bbf0103880a8538d391b6

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