Here We Are

Dear Stakers,
during the post-ICO period, Pool of Stake’s development team has dedicated its efforts to the implementation of what has been outlined in the MVP:
As of now, the “core engine” has been modified by enhancing its logic capabilities and by strengthening the automatism on the QTUM Blockchain.

We are aware that QTUM does not allow the staking of coins directly on Smart Contracts and this has been the main driver of our continues efforts: verify that the level of automatism and human intervention on the coins was reduced to a minimum if even non-existing
The result can be found in our GitHub repository at the following link:

The “core engine” has been deployed on the QTUM test-net and it is freely testable at the following link:

The results that have been achieved so far have made our system ready even for an eventual POS implementation on Ethereum.

With the information that have been made public so far, we are confident that the level of automatism achieved on QTUM will be increased on the Ethereum Blockchain.
We will not stop here; the Research & Development team is currently analysing new potential Blockchains implementation and soon we will start designing and developing the UI/UX interface.