Letter to the Pool of Stake’s community!

Pool Of Stake
Sep 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Stakers,

We are at the end of our ICO! The last month has been an exciting time here at Pool of Stake. We touched an important milestone in our crowdfunding process: our Soft Cap of 2M € was reached. In a tough year for ICO’s, we made it and we are ready to move on with the development of our project in order to fulfill our purpose.

An important part of our project is the feedback we received from the Proof of Stake community, this made us understand we are an important piece in the ecosystem and that our PoS pool is awaited by many. Still for technologies of such complexity and potential to succeed, support and vision is needed. Our focus is on establishing a global company, which requires us to first lay a solid foundation. Naturally, these processes require time as well as community and financial support. Our team of developers is working around the clock in order for our platform to be secure and functional in the Q1 2019. Meanwhile the rest of the team is focusing in the background to set strategic partnerships that will further support our long term goals. We believe small steps that are happening behind the scenes will be the true catalyst of this huge movement. The journey is just at the beginning, and there is so much left for all of us to accomplish together. It is essential to think about the core reason why we all came together: we want our digital networks to provide value, security and help us thrive as a collective. Write to us for any question regarding our project, we always appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism.

Thanks to your contributions, our ideas will soon materialise and our dreams will become reality. This is just the beginning.

Davide Luigi Borella
CEO at Pool of Stake

Pool Of Stake

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Pool of Stake is creating a pool for Proof of Stake tokens, the future of Blockchain.