Two Special Needs Kids Create a LEGO Series

Two special needs kids (10yo with autism, 8yo with Aspergers and both with epilepsy) have created something and are looking for people to watch their creation and give some honest comments. They have spent 2 months in pre-production and have come up with something pretty nifty.

Kaylee and Colton creators of Speedy Rhino Productions have created a series using LEGO

Take a look at their creation. Here is a link to the first episode. They were shooting for the episode to be about 2 and a half minutes long and ended up with an extra minute. It took about 8 hours to record, shoot, edit, compress, and upload.

Colton shows of the Camera Rig he designed. The camera is in upside down and the video has to be flipped electronically.

They worked for 2 months on pre-production, created the set, a story line, back story, character bios, video and sound tests, learned how to edit audio and video files and now writing scripts and voice acting. Colton came up with the idea to use Patreon as a way of getting some funding (like Kickstarter) to get some better equipment and they want to go to the children’s film festival in New York. They finally got the first episode out and are looking for comments while they work on episode 2. They do their own artwork and now have a Facebook Fan page, website and have been working on some branding.

Every episode will be uploaded to YouTube free of charge, but they are looking for supporters that can help them get the equipment and some extra LEGO sets for their second season.

Kaylee shows the set that currently fits on a standard 6' folding table.

And don’t forget to watch their first episode.

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