I’ll Be Gone

I live with a constant fear

Life on the land is so unclear

I ride on a boat of extremist

Cruising through the sea mist

The waves make me rise and fall

Breaking the angst wall

One puff puts me in trance

I revel in it and dance

Ecstasy flowing in my veins

Flight from all the pains and chains

Blood churns as blazing fire

Yearning this desire

One puff and away from the shore

No more prisoner of crazy mind war

I am the lonely soul

Inside the smothering mind control

Trapped inside this depressed body

Secrets seen by nobody

Tide takes me away from this world

Like a baby I curled

Storm can’t deter me

Happy ending I foresee

The island where my soul set free

I write the final song

My memoir after am long gone

I hear the distant music

I savor the seismic

One puff and I am in ashes

End of distressed clashes

For once and for all

I let go,

to be just ‘Me’ and to be Free

Suicide is considered as a crime but Sexual abuse in childhood or anytime is the darkest and hardest spot to wash off.

Chester Bennington poured his suppressed memories out which is also reflected in his songs. One of my favorite song by him: Castle of Glass

Originally published at beyondhorizon-poonam.blogspot.com on July 26, 2017.