Veil. Opaque. Thick. But oh so fragile.
A gentle breeze. A whiff of life. The veil fluttered to the rhythm of my agitated heart.
Timid eyes peeked out. You managed to melt in.
Running through my veins, commingled with the red.


Wait! That’s the door! Stay! Please!
You Promised! (Didn’t you?)
You said you were home! (Weren’t you?)
Was it just a sojourn? Leave, if you must (Do you have to?)


The veil flutters again. To smoke.
The spark we had has turned into an inferno. All consuming.
A swirl of ashes from cinders of dreams.

Tranquility again.

An ember of hope, doused by tears.
Tears. Of mirth.
You foolish woman, hurricanes don’t dwell in clenched fists.

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