Negative Mental Chatter … Where does it come from???

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“Millions of people are dying because of what they’re eating.. But even more are dying because of what’s eating them.”

Les Brown

Our fears, anxiety, guilt, insecurities, self-doubts…they are like diseases for our mind. Covert diseases.
They can’t be seen but strongly felt.
We might not know how to heal them, but we definitely are good at hiding them.
We might be a total mess from within, but for the outside world we put up a completely different face.
When not dealt with for a long time, these emotions subconsciously make us pursue a self-destructive behavior pattern.
These emotions have the power to rewire our mind in such a way that they would make our lives revolve around them without us even realizing it.

They make sure that we know they exist by becoming the voices inside our head.

The negative mental chatter..

When the voices in my head, the negative self talk started spiraling out of control, I began to wonder -
Where does this negative mental chatter come from????
Why do I say these mean and discouraging things to myself?
What creates self-doubts, guilt and all those toxic emotions that stop me from reaching my utmost potential?
In my quest of looking for answers to these rather complex questions, I came up with several hypotheses…
It could be my past experiences.
It could be the people who discouraged me at early stages of my life.
It could be some unexpressed, unhealed emotions lingering within me as a result altering my attitude towards life…
And yes, these things might have been the reason behind my toxic emotions and negative mental chatter….
But later I understood these factors were not the ONLY reason.
There was one very important thing that played a huge role towards my self-perception. It was the MOST significant contributor of the negative banter that took place inside of my head…
The real reason behind the negative chatter clutter, presented itself when I asked myself these honest questions -
What do I do, when no one is looking???!!
What do I do when no one is judge me, to appreciate me, to criticize me or to praise me?
How do I behave when there is nobody to impress?
What are my thoughts.??
Not the thoughts that I claim to be mine, but the thoughts that I really think…Do they match with the words coming out of my mouth??
Who am I when I don’t have to bother about putting up a show??
Who am I ???
The negative mental chatter is nothing but the honest answer to all these questions…
It’s not negative, it’s not mean, it’s not discouraging.
It’s just a subtle way of letting us know which areas of our life do we really need to heal, to work on…
Let’s not allow guilt, self-doubts, fear, insecurities to eat us up from within…
Let’s find out why do we repeatedly feel these emotions?
Are they trying to tell us something?
Is it time for us to bring a change from within?
Is it something that we are doing that results to these emotions?
Do we dare to change that??
It’s easy to point fingers… It’s easy to play a victim…
It’s easy to say that the world has wronged us…
It might be true …But definitely NOT the whole truth…
It takes real courage to look deep within ourselves and ask this honest question-
‘What can I do to change this??’

Let’s not allow our toxic emotions to eat up our creativity, our mental peace, our passion for life, our happiness…
It might take time to heal them completely, but let’s not quit trying…
Because you know what, there is much more to life than to remain convict of our own convictions…
There are a lot of great things to think about…

As far as I am concerned I haven’t yet succeeded in completely eliminating the chatter clutter… But I have gathered the courage to listen to this mental chatter…
I have gathered courage to confront it…
I have gathered the courage to take responsibility for my emotions…

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Actor, Director, Writer, Dreamer. Love my family, love my life. Co-founder of Think Grand Films. Sharing stories that connect. Instagram-

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Poonam Sahasrabuddhe

Actor, Director, Writer, Dreamer. Love my family, love my life. Co-founder of Think Grand Films. Sharing stories that connect. Instagram-