Food Thought

They say you can forget all about someone but remember how somebody made you feel. I think the same goes for food as well. We eat everyday, however remember some of the special food experiences. That’s also because we remember how that food made us feel.

I feel proud to be an Indian and I feel a life time is less time to experience what all this beautiful country has to offer. In food especially. Even fortunate to have friends from many parts of her. My native Haryana offered me Pahalwan Kalebi’s from Gohana. They are so big and juicy that only 4 measures in a kilo. Another one on list and my fav is Ghevar. Then a friend from Bihar introduced me to Litti Chokha. A Rajasthani friend showed how to savour Dal Bhati Churma . Chandigarh introduced me to a world of Paratha and carrot juice with Amla and Ginger. Then a friend from Orissa made me fall in love with Chaina Pouda. A Goan mate bought me to a world of awesome Fish curries. Assamese friend made me eat bamboo shoots sabji and Pitha. Gujrati friend had Khakra and Coconut Barfi to offer.

Believe me these are just a few on top of my mind. And apologies to the food that I forgot to mention.

Now all of a sudden I am craving ginger cutting chai. And yes we Indians enjoy this awesome drink even on a hot afternoon/ evening.