Haru’s lame year-end letters

Rei And Oreo 
Hello to you both! I am so glad to have met both of you in fish back then and to still be friends with you guys until now. Whenever i see both of you in my timeline no matter where it is, you guys never fail to make me smile and laugh with your antics. Also, whenever i post emo tweets and whatnot, either one of you is always there to tell me otherwise and i appreciate that even though i don’t respond! Hey rei, thanks for being there for me whenever i needed a friend to talk to, you know that if you ever need a friend to talk to i’m always here for you too, alright? And also oreo even though i could barely catch you online nowadays. Anyways, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve today and a great 2016 ahead! Ily.

Hi hi! We’re kinda a little awkward right now because of the thing that happened in pet before, i told meghan/teagan that i’d find time to write my apologies for everyone but never really got the chance to do so. Anyways, thanks for having the courage to approach me and eden first even though we were both at fault. I’m really sorry for leaving you and rin to manage pet even though eden and i were the ones who asked for your help to admin with us. I’ll do my best to be a better friend to you this time around. I also promised that i’d watch the movie se7en with you but we never got around to watching it. I never forgot about that but if you still haven’t watched it, i’d love to watch it with you! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead!

Yanzo and Daiki
Hello my favorite fishy and anchovy couple! I really miss being in the same rp with you guys. It was fun teasing you guys and you always gave smiles and laughter for everyone. I’m not sure but i think i missed Daiki moving fls when i was inactive, i stalked yanzo’s fl and that’s why i was able to tag you here. HMU if i can follow you again okay : ( Also i’m sorry for leaving pet without a word. I was selfish and a hypocrite back then. I hope we can still be friends like before! I know that it’s quite different on fl but it’s better than not seeing you both at all. Last long okay, i love you guys. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead!

Hello there my little cocklebiddy! I know that i wasn’t a very approachable person back then in fourseasons but i’m glad that you and eden became friends right away because i got to be your friend too! I’m an awkward, antisocial potato so please forgive me if i came off as a cold / apathetic person to you the two times you talked to me before you met eden. It is very fun to talk to you and seeing you always so hyper, friendly and happy on the timeline makes me wish that i was more outgoing just like you are. Please continue being my cocklebiddy even though i’m a lameass potato! I don’t say it that often because i like teasing you but i love you too, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead! P.S. pls don’t forget my identity again in the new rp this january LOL!!!

Hello my lovely daughter! You have written me a few stuff but i realized that i’ve never written you one yet. I’m not that good with words please bear with me : ( I’m sorry if i dragged you into a few rps were you weren’t comfortable in and also sorry if i wasn’t understanding enough when you told me that you felt out of place in pet. I can barely empathize to anything but do know that i still love you even if i’m like this! Don’t deactivate your fl again without a word, i’ll be really sad if you do. Stay happy and healthy always! It is nice to see you tweeting happy things on tl all the time. Maybe when i get motivated enough to watch korean dramas again, we can talk about that too! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead okay!

Hey Kaden, we don’t talk as much anymore ever since we both moved to our new fls but i do miss you and all the nasty things you say or dirty jokes you make! Please don’t be sad at times because your existence is very much appreciated and stop doubting yourself all the time as well. You are a wonderful human being who made a lot of people happy and you deserve to be happy as well. I hope we can have an eity reunion someday. Take care of your mom trace and stop disappearing okay. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead! PS. i’m too young to be a grandpa adios

Hello there my precious friend who never gets tired of messaging me again and again whenever i forget to reply. I know that we are both lazy and we forget to reply to each other even though we can see the notifications flashing on our phones. I just realized while typing this that i forgot to reply to your message on kik again AHAHAHAHHA screams i’m sorry. Thank you for being there for me when i was really down before even though we barely knew each other and i was talking about something from another rp. Always know that i’m here for you too okay, just spam me everywhere and i will surely reply at the speed of light when you need me! I will join your kik rp again someday when i’m motivated enough again, maybe after the holidays end? Hehe. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead! PS. gonna reply to your kik message after i finish this thing : )

We don’t talk to each other as much anymore because we aren’t in any rp together and i kind of miss you too. I remember that friendly date we were in and how i cut it halfway because i felt bad for replying too late and making you wait for a long time. Omg i’m so lazy screams but even though i reply slowly even when we are just talking, you still replied to me at a fast pace and never got tired of asking me how my day went everyday. I always reject the friendly affection you give me and i hope that it doesn’t piss you off until now. Well you should be happy too because i finally gave you that one hug you were asking from me for more than three months!!! I still have that essay you wrote for me saved in my phone, you better have meant every word you said or else >:( Anyways even though we ditch each other more often than not, i hope that we can still remain friends for a long time! I think i’ve never said it back to you in the many months that we’ve known each other but i guess i love you too bro LOL #nohomo ok, this suddenly seems awkward because i’m so used to rejecting you AHAHAHAHA. I miss you asking me how my day went everyday even though i mostly reply you with something like i’m tired or sleepy, come back to fb rps soon!!! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead!

Hi grandma/grandpa, it me your little baby cupcake! You really move accounts a lot and i can’t keep up, sometimes i don’t even notice that you’re gone already : ( but please don’t ever get tired of following me again because you know that i’d be too shy to ask you for your new fl but my timeline feels different without you in it even though we barely catch each other on at the same time. I hope that the new year will be filled with happiness for you! Even though we barely talk nowadays, i’m always a tweet or dm away if you need me! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead!

Trace my beautiful/handsome son who is still my son in any gender. Dad loves you a lot even though i don’t say it as much as you do! I’m so glad that i adopted you as my son when we were in eity because we wouldn’t be this close right now if i didn’t. We have so much in common istg it’s almost unbelievable. Sorry if i can’t empathize with you sometimes, i’m just really bad at empathizing and sorting out feelings but know that i’m always here for you okay. Please don’t be sad and tweet self-deprecating tweets because i don’t like it when you do that : ( I’m not that good at cheering you up but i can always play tos or rabbit with you to lift your mood up! Sorry though for not being able to be on rabbit with you for more than a week now, it’s just that there’s so much going on because of the holidays but i promise that i’ll rabbit and play tos again with you once the holidays are over! It’s really fun to watch porn and movies with you AHAHHAHA and i like how we can turn an innocent conversation into something nasty right away. Like father, like son ;) I’m so glad to have met you and i’m very happy to have you in my life! I really appreciate that little letter you made for me this christmas. I know that mine isn’t anywhere near as great as yours because i suck with words (i swallow too jk) and i also suck at expressing myself but i love you too! You’re important, always remember that and i’d never get tired of talking to you or hearing you spazz about you-know-who, ever. My son, my precious son that i love so much. I will never stop inhaling your fart whenever you fart in my face! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead! PS. it was a joke like always when i disowned you ok :(

Hi mom/bestfriend/whatever there is that i have called you HAHAHA. We talk to each other so much that i’m at a loss for words on what to say right now. I saw your mini-spam for me on twitter and i’ll just reply to you here i guess. First of all, i don’t feel underappreciated wys. If there’s one who should feel underappreciated between the two of us, it should be you because i’m the one who doesn’t tell you that i love you enough. Thank you for being there for me too in good and bad times and you for never leaving me as well no matter how horrible i am. I’m not a knight in shining armor pls!!! Idk whether my lack of empathy will change someday but i’m pretty sure that the hugging/cuddling part won’t get any better any time soon :( you know that i am really awkward with that. I love you a LOOOOT too! Honestly i’ve written you so much letters that everything i want to say, i have most likely said it before already. Do you still remember this? http://padlet.com/sehunnie/minaring I think that it’s my first ever letter to you LOL. Those were good times back then in zodiark. Anyways, please be happy and smile a lot more often because i don’t like seeing you sad either. And pls, i saw your previous bio — you may be irrelevant, unimportant and underappreciated to and by other people but always remember that you are relevant, appreciated and very important to one person aka me! I will never get tired of hearing about the different kinds of adventures you have and i don’t find it annoying. I will be sad if you tell other people instead because you think that it would annoy me :( Sorry if i get annoyed too easily sometimes about other petty things, it’s just me being moody. Anyways i’m not sure whether you celebrate New Year’s because you told me before that you don’t celebrate Christmas but have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead! I LOVE YOU.

Meghan / Teagan
Hi meghan, i think this is probably my first very official letter to you. I remember when you first joined pet, i was yeri back then and you were yoongi like always. You always tweeted something like “i’m about to go here/there and i’m on mobile so i’ll be in dms if anyone needs me”, you even placed brackets on it and you were so formal and all LOL. As an admin, i also kind of panicked because things like “what if no one dms him?” “will he feel bad if he doesn’t receive any dm from anyone?” “what if he thinks that our rp is too unfriendly” “what if i dm him first? but i’m a girl right now, maybe he’d think that i’m thirsty” “what if i dm him and i’m too lame and he doesn’t reply to me? i don’t like getting readzoned even tho i do it a lot” were running through my head but i dm-ed you anyway and you actually replied to me. From then on, we became closer i guess? And one day i saw you were on tweetdeck and just randomly asked you if you liked horror movies and if you wanted to watch one with me. Ever since then, we watched movies all day long, you didn’t even go to sleep just to watch movies with me omg you. I think that was the most i’ve watched of horror movies in a period of time tbh and i miss watching movies with you! Thank you for always being there to hear me out through my ups and downs. We’ve only known each other for a short period of time but it feels like i’ve known you for much longer. You honestly make me so emotional like i don’t deserve a friend who is such an angel like you. I still kept that livetype you made for me when i was jungkook. Also, thank you for tagging along with mom and me in that fb rp, i’m really sorry that you felt suffocated though you should’ve told me sooner, it would’ve been okay for you to leave : ( I’m looking forward to spending time with you again this January! Please never leave this lame potato of a friend you have even though i potate a lot because i’d potate more if you do. I’m really happy that you’re happy and i wish all the best for you! Please giggle more for me literally, and have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead! Meghan i love you and i’m always here if ever you need to rant or a friend to talk okay!

Last but not the least,
Hello it me your annoying and asshole of an ex/ex-chingu. I would ask you how you are since we haven’t talked to each other for a long, long time but i think i don’t need to ask anymore for me to know, seeing how happy you are with mhegan! I think i’ve come to a realization that all this time, i was trying to change who you were and i barely accepted you for who you are even as my friend when you did otherwise for me. I’m really sorry for not realizing it sooner and i’m sorry for all the things that i’ve ever done to you even when you tried to be a friend to me too after what’s happened. We already cleared our differences before and sorry too for not sticking to the goodbye thing, i just wanted to write you this short letter before the year ends i guess. Dobby (yeol from zodiark) messaged me around two weeks ago and he said that he misses you too as well as seulgay who i’ve lost contact for more than a month now. Anyways, I know that i’m one of the reasons why a part of your 2015 was shitty but i sincerely hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great 2016 ahead! PS. take good care of meghan ok.

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