“ Capture The Flag or CTF ” is a game which comprises 2 teams and each team’s objective is to grab the flag from the opponent’s side and return to their side without being caught by the rival team members at the same time, both the teams have to protect their flag.

What does this have to do with Computers?

Similar to the children’s game, even this CTF is also a game where teams/players participating have to get their flag, and the points for the flag depends on the players who have captured the flag. Here a CTF player will have challenges, where they may face few hurdles…

What is NodeMCU?

NodeMCU is a MicroController Unit which can be used for many purposes,

It can be used as a Server, WiFi range extender, WiFi Deauther, etc.

So first we need to install and configure the ESP modules accordingly. There are various types of NodeMCU ESP modules for eg. ESP-12, ESP-32, ESP-8266. As it’s powerful and is Easier to configure. ESP-32 is one of the most powerful ESP modules as it has IR and Bluetooth modules as well, and hence we can deauth WiFi, Bluetooth and IR but is quite difficult and it is more complicated to configure it. …

Poornesh Adhithya


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