Poornima Vijayashanker Founder of Femgineer (left) and Lili Sarafan — CEO, Home Care Assistance

How To Create A Leadership Style That Blends With Your Personality

Interview with Lili Sarafan — CEO, Home Care Assistance

It’s time for another new episode of FemgineerTV!

You’ll recall in that in the last episode of FemgineerTV, I interviewed Maria Giudice the VP of Experience of Autodesk and author of The Rise of the DEO. We talked about how traditional CEOs have been replaced by a new breed called DEOs.

In the latest episode of FemgineerTV, I’ve got a great example of a DEO for you: Lily Sarafan, the CEO of HomeCare.

Lily began her career when HomeCare was just a startup, and has been integral to its growth and eventual acquisition.

But that’s not all, Lily is also very active in the tech community as a startup advisor, mentor, and investor, she’s also involved with a number of nonprofits, holds a political office, and avidly travels.

As you watch the episode you’ll learn how she manages all her projects and has learned to cultivate a leadership style over the years that resonates with her personality. Lily definitely exhibits many of the DEO traits such as:

  • Evaluating and take risks
  • Being a systems level thinker
  • Using her intuition to guide her decision-making
  • Having a high level of social intelligence
  • Caring about getting shit done!
  • Influencing and shaping a company’s culture through her unique leadership style

Even if you aren’t a leader, this is a very valuable episode to watch, because you’ll learn the following from Lily:

  • Why it’s OK if people don’t expect much from you and how you can use that to your advantage
  • Why having a leadership oriented personality is very different from being an effective leader
  • Why the best advice isn’t necessarily what you’re supposed to follow
  • How you can lead and built a support network even if you’re shy or introverted
  • Why it’s important to value people over product

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