It’s Called A Rough Draft For A Reason

You were compelled to create.

You put in the time, energy, and effort.

Hoping that by the end, you’d have something that you could be proud of.

But once you were done, you stepped back and took a good look at it.

You weren’t happy with it.

It’s not what you had expected.

It’s less than perfect.

Let’s face it, it’s really rough.

You expected the first version to be a masterpiece.

Where did you get that expectation from?

Did someone tell you it had to be?

Did you witness someone else in their act of creation get it right the first time?

You don’t want to share it because people will say it’s derivative or a me-too product.

They’ll call you a copy cat.

Some might, but those are the critics, not the creators.

Everyone has a rough draft.

A rough draft that maybe a sloppy copy of someone else’s work, because we are all influenced and inspired by others, and that’s OK.

If you want to make yours better you have to put it out there, share it, in its rough form.

If you don’t put it out there you’ll never learn what it takes to make it better.

Wait for the responses. Have people to tell you why they love it, hate it, or it just doesn’t move them.

Then learn to sit with their responses.

The criticism may make you cringe, but you have to learn to take it, sift through it, and decipher what is just noise versus what is valuable and will make you better.

Then ask yourself what did you want them to feel? And how can you refine it to make them feel what you want them to feel?

If you don’t know how then you have to learn. You can learn from studying, from others, and by doing.

This a process. The creative process.

And no matter what some folks say, everyone goes through it.

Some go through it quickly. Others take their time. But speed doesn’t really matter because there is no finish line, it’s a cycle of rework and refinement.

Until one day you learn to step back, admit that it’s no longer a rough draft, and instead declare it done.

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