Take The Time To Clear Your Mind

Every morning you wake up thinking, “Today will be different. Today I’ll say no. Today I’ll carve out time for myself, to do the one thing I want.”

By the afternoon, you’ve barely gotten through 2 items on your endless list of to-dos.

Where did all the time go, and why are you so tired?

Perhaps it was the 1 hour you spent answering other people’s requests, which turned into 2 hours of meetings, calls, and firefighting.

Nevertheless, you rally because you’re a pro, and you got this.


So how many more times are you going to say yes today?

How many more items are you going to add to your already endless to-do list?

And how many more times are you going to defer doing the thing you really wanted to do today?

Here’s the one item that is missing from your todo list and needs to be at the very top of it: take the time to clear your mind.

I’m not talking about sitting in lotus position and meditating for 15 or 50 minutes.

It doesn’t work for me, and it may or may not work for you.

Clearing your mind could mean taking a walk, a jog, or maybe it is sitting in lotus position and meditating. You figure out what it’s going to take to committing to doing it every day. Whether it’s for 15 or 50 minutes.

Because when your mind is clear you gain a very valuable superpower.

The superpower of figuring out what is important and needs to get done cuz you gotta pay the bills or keep your promise to your kids versus what can wait or maybe isn’t that important, to begin with. AND what do you really want to do plus how do you spare yourself some time and headspace to doing it!

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