The Paradox Of Preferring Data To Anecdotal Evidence

Some people prefer data to stories.

They think facts and figures are objective. Data is based on facts and figures.

While stories are based on human feelings.

The storyteller incorporates their experiences, perspectives, and beliefs which color the story.

As a result, stories seem embellished and emotional.

Hence stories are deemed subjective.

But data, well it just reflects what exists, like science.

And science, well science is objective because it’s grounded in reality.

So data can’t be distorted?

A cross section of it can’t be used to bolster a point of view?

Data can’t be inaccurate, outdated, or perhaps even recorded with a bias?

After all isn’t data collected and compiled by humans, just like stories?

Before we accept data or use it to defend our ideas, we ought to dig into how it was discovered and distilled.

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