When Your Creative Juices Refuse to Replenish Themselves

This morning I threw the covers off and leapt out of bed at 3:45am PST!

I know hard to believe…

I am a morning person, but 3:45am is early even for me. The real reason behind my exuberance was because I was catching a plane to head to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference in Houston, TX.

This is my second year speaking at the conference. Tomorrow I’ll be co-hosting a workshop with my co-author Karen Catlin on our latest book Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking. If you’re attending the conference come out and say hi, or better yet attending the workshop. Here are the details.

Throughout the day I had some trying moments: negotiating the armrest with my fellow passengers (many of whom were almost twice my size), abiding by the request of security agents all the while staying calm and collected, and trying to get my usual workload done while on-the-go.

I also had some awesome moments like insightful thoughts that crept into my brain thanks to conversations I had with people that I met and reconnected with.

Now I’ll admit at 5:30pm PST, I’ve run out of steam…

But I’ve got to keep my post a day goal up!

So I’m writing this post for those who at the end of a long and trying day ask themselves the question, “What is wrong with you?”

The answer is nothing.

You’re human, and you can’t fight what is happening to you.

Sometimes you can rally, and sometimes you can’t.

It’s OK to just give in.

It’s OK to admit defeat.

It’s OK to listen to yourself.

And if it’s telling you, “That’s all I got.”

Then maybe it is all you got.

Because part of this post a day goal or really any goal, is knowing that some days, you’re not going to be awesome.

Some days you’re going to suck.

But those are the days you still have to believe in yourself. Those are the days you have to just let creativity take its course. And if the creative juices have run dry, so what?

Get some rest and let them replenish themselves, knowing that tomorrow is another day ;)

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