Why You Need To Balance Attracting New Customers With Retaining Existing Customers

This lesson is part of Femgineer’s Grow It Introductory Series.

Is your yang out of control?

I’m about to get a li’l woo on you (stick with me)…

If you’re 110% focused on building new features for new customers, you’ve ignored the ancient art of balance…

And you could end up wasting weeks or even months spinning your wheels and building in the wrong direction. (#wha-whaa)

In other words, your yin and yang are out of whack.

In today’s video lesson, I’ll show you how to attract new customers while also incorporating new features that will actually appeal to your existing customers. (#hell-yeah)

After all, it’s waaaaay easier to retain and sell to existing customers than to new ones.

So how do you balance attracting new customers vs. retaining your existing customers?

Watch the video to discover:

  1. WHAT is working by tracking customer usage within your app
  2. WHY it is or isn’t working by running usability tests with your customers

I’ll also share the two exact tools my students use to understand the WHAT and the WHY behind any product.

If you follow the steps I outline in this video, you’ll have a deep understanding of what:

  1. Features are resonating in your product with existing customers
  2. New features your customers want to see in the future to keep them on board

I’ll also show you how to integrate your new insights and case studies into your marketing campaigns to attract new customer segments.

Add some yin to your yang!

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