What are the toughest challenges before the 21st century Engineers?

Studying engineering is not at all an easy task. What one learns at an engineering college is only valuable if it gives the desired output in the future. What do you think is the task of an engineer? It is simple. The task is to make the life of people around them convenient with the help of science and technology. But have you ever thought about the biggest challenges that engineers are facing today? Read and find out about the 7 toughest challenges that are standing before the engineers in today’s time.

· To gain advancement in personalized learning: Every individual is different and so is the working of their mind. Personalized learning will help in finding the perfect technique for developing a human’s intellects which will largely depend upon their preferences and aptitudes.

· More use of Solar Energy: In today’s time the solar energy contributes to less than 2 percent of the total energy of the world. It needs to be used more. The faculty at Poornima College of Engineering (PCE) addresses such serious issues during debates and interactive sessions for generating awareness among the students. Such comprehensive approach makes PCE one of the top b tech colleges in rajasthan.

· Improvement of Virtual reality: Virtual reality is a powerful tool that can prove to be of great use in the future in the fields like psychiatry and education sector.

· Creation of thinking machines: Can you imagine how much the health care sector would get benefitted if computers become capable enough to emulate human mind? Manufacturing and communication industries too would derive benefit from such technology.

· Better medications: In Poornima College of Engineering which is amongst the top 10 engineering colleges in Rajasthan, the students are made familiar with the challenges that lie before the future engineers. Medicines that would be developed according to the genetic information and changes of the body is the toughest challenge for the engineers.

· Systematic management of health data: The need of a centralized system that can acquire, manage and use the health information is needed, today. This will accelerate the process of providing medical aid to a people in case of emergencies.

· Restoration of urban infrastructure: Infrastructure is meant to extend support to communities, regions and countries. There is a dire need to develop and modernize the infrastructure that can help the people.

The task of an engineer is extremely challenging and tough. If you are keen on pursuing B.Tech, be ready to contribute in the development of science and technology when you complete the course!