How to Make an Impressive Designer Portfolio?

You are done with your designing course and want to make a stunning portfolio that will showcase your creativity and innovation.

Here is a list of suggestions on how to make your portfolio impressive.

1.) Selecting your Designs: The first step is to select some of your best creations. Whatever you put into your portfolio must showcase your talents and skills. Never put everything that you have created. Set aside some time to select pieces that you are proud of.

2.) Quality over Quantity: Try to focus on the quality of your work. Your aim should be to build an impressive impact over the selector with the minimum best that you have done. No hiring manager will be interested in going through bulky demonstration of your work.

3.) Impactful Titles : When you are putting something in your portfolio, try adding titles that shall reflect the intricacies and skills used in creating that masterpiece. Keep it simple yet meaningful.

4.) High Resolution Pictures: If you are attaching pictures of your work, then try using high resolution pictures. Because if the pictures are of good quality, then even the minuscule details will be visible. It also puts a positive impression on the onlooker.

5.) Focus on your Strengths: Try to highlight your assets. If there are certain skills that you are good at, then your portfolio should bring that in notice of the hiring manager. There are some of the best Interior design course in jaipur, Rajasthan, which focus on the individual’s strength points and help them polish it with time.

6.) Upload your Portfolio on Internet: It is your choice that whether you want to put the portfolio online or not. In case you are considering it, then select minimalistic colored theme so that the themes and colors of your website don’t interfere with your portfolio designs and colors.

There are many institutes and colleges in India that offer design courses. Poornima University is one such Jaipur Engineering College, which offers undergraduate courses in Design, along with an opportunity for hands-on experience. They also offer AC labs for carrying out CADD and GIS work.

Making a design portfolio is the first step towards getting into the designing industry. You have put in a lot of hard work to be a designer so let your portfolio reflect your skills and talents.

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