Why campus life matters while searching college?

A campus is a place that connects students with the most intelligent minds and prepares them for achieving career goals. A healthy campus is one where people, processes and spaces contribute to the well being and success for all. An ideal campus motivates students to do something exceptional apart from regular assignments and also inspires out of the box thinking. Truly said, a well being of college environment is directly related to the well being of the students studying there. While searching college, we are more focused on the academics programmes offers by the college, and forget to enquire about the most visible part of college ‘Campus’. A healthy campus life is essential for an overall personality development of students. The campus is the only place where students engage, interact and get to meet with like-minded people outside of classes. Hence, it is important to consider a campus life and other programmes which focus on well when you are searching for your ideal college.

Best engineering colleges in Rajasthan, Poornima University emphasis on providing a healthy environment to the students. Apart from residential facilities, the university has a student connect programmes, self-help groups and other such associations for keeping a healthy engagement out of classrooms. Let’s talk about some of the characteristics of a healthy campus life. Since the eco-friendly environment is vital for a good health, it can be embedded into physical; design of college campus as well. Green landscapes, open spaces, gardens and plants provide an eco-friendly atmosphere to the students which also keep the stress of exams at bay. A healthy campus should encompass diverse open spaces to satisfy different purposes and accommodate outdoor sports.

Healthy interaction within students and teachers is another aspect of an ideal campus. Whether you are a final year student or just started college, engagement is always there. Why not make it more positive and healthy. Poornima University among top b tech colleges in Rajasthan has specific associations for the students where they exchange ideas and interact during group activities and builds a healthy attitude for a successful career. College is like a secondary home for the student, with the increased cases of campus ranging, a regulatory body should be there at the college which ensures that safety of the students. However, most of the colleges these days have anti-ragging cells, take strict decisions against any abuse or criminal proceeding at the campus.

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