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My father, who will soon turn 60, took to analog music this year. In fact, he bought his first turntable, an AT LP60x, and a couple of records just a month back. As for Soum and I, we have been exploring the scene for almost a year now.

Soum has grown up with analog music. From what he tells me, his grandmother was an ardent collector of Indian classical and old Bollywood records. His father — a Beatles fan — swears by the White Album, a copy of which he still holds on to.

Some 60 odd kilometers away from…

Is there a way to stop it?

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Most of us out here have watched Carlos Saldanha’s 2011 animated film, Rio. The film, while documenting the strange adventures of Blu, a Spix’s macaw, also reminds us of all the things that are going wrong today. Example? The Spix’s macaw, a blue parrot native to Brazil is believed to have gone extinct. True, there are about 60 to 80 of them living in captivity but we all understand that there is no saving them.

What’s worse is that while we share our opinions on climate change over tea and cake, it does…

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Let us begin with a story.

Sometime in the late 1970s, renounced linguist James Rementer moved to Oklahoma. An elderly woman, Nora Thompson Dean, who owned the property where Rementer took up residence, was one of the last people who could speak Unami, a common dialect of the Lenape languages. When she passed away in 1984, one of the languages spoken by the Native Americans, went silent forever.

Now to put things into perspective, consider that there are approximately 7000 recognized languages in the world but 95% of the world’s population speak not more than 300 of them. …

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At the inception of agritourism was the notion of coexistence with nature. While the term was coined much later, the practice can be dated back to the early 1900s in the US. With the rise of industrialism rose the greater need of being one with nature. Ever since, men have found their way to the farms and ranches, to experience an alternate lifestyle.

Over half a century later, in Italy, a pro-agritourism bill, known as the agriturismo law, was passed to regulate and promote the region’s farm stays. …

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