A cool breeze blew on his face amidst the crowd. Caught in a storm of loneliness, he walked(moved) on. A red T-shirt, blue jeans, a hoodie and a cell phone was not all that he had. As a short stout man brushed past him, he, as though involuntarily, pushed the dagger deeper inside his jacket. Focused, he kept inching towards his destination, or rather the finish.

‘Had it been one-sided?’, he thought. There was a difference in love from the two ends, or at least that’s what he perceived. He aimed at neutralising this difference. Forever. And now, he was just round the corner. The medical store. It was a common meeting point for them. His mind strolled back to when the summer sun was shining, perhaps the most recent one.

He had waited and waited until two long hours had passed. It had become endless, the wait. Infuriated, he had left without bothering. Because this had been preceded by similar instances. Later, only once had he called her and the only reply he got was “Don’t call again”, not sure of whether it was her voice. Nevertheless, it had become unbearable and now he had finally decided to take this step.

He cautiously moved through the gate of the building, without letting out a hint of suspicion to the watchman, who was too familiar with him. Ramsingh always used to help both of them get in and out of the building, keeping it out of her parents’ best knowledge. Though, there had been a time when he had raised an alarm when he had tried to enter. It had probably happened the last time when he had come.

But this time, it was peace. It was best for the watchman to keep himself out of their business. Personal, maybe. He, though, was sure of some danger now. The lad directly flinched towards the lift. But for him, this became an easy task. He had thought of this as the most challenging part.

As he moved towards the lift, a car entered the gate and out of which, got out a couple. They seemed to be in their 50s. Seeing them, he hurried inside the lift. He didn’t want any witnesses for his killing. However, as the lift door was just about to close, a hand obstructed its path. The man entered with his wife and got cursed in silence.

The man seemed too tensed to even notice that the boy in the lift pressed the same button as he wanted — sixth. But, as the lift passed the 2nd floor, he did find the boy smiling to himself.

Going from 6th floor to the ground floor takes a lot of time, he was thinking. This fact had allowed them to have their first kiss for 25 long seconds. That too, without anyone noticing. Of course, he had initiated it, but she hadn’t resisted. She surrendered herself completely. Being a passionate kiss, they came to their senses only after the lift beeped on reaching the ground. They had clumsily pushed each other away.

As the door had opened, Ramsingh had quickly gotten into action and pulled him out with a jerk. He started talking randomly as though they were long lost brothers. He had become confused, but her parents’ entry had clarified Ramsingh’s drama. He took him away to the gate. A while later, she hurriedly came, just to bid him goodbye. But he had other plans. He bent on to his knees, stretched his arm out and did the honours. At 8:34 PM, besides the gate of her building, the watchman was the only witness. “We’ll talk later”, was all that she had said and had again hurried away. That had hurt. It was the last time he had seen her.

“No, I’ll make that last time to be today”, he thought. The lift beeped as it reached the 6th floor. He was shocked to find too many shocked faces waiting in the alley. There was a stunning silence except for the screams. He identified her mother’s voice to be prominent. The man with whom he had shared the lift zoomed past him and into the same house that he wanted to enter. Confused, he could only follow and discover a larger crowd. He pushed a few people aside to make way towards the bedroom and stood at the entrance. What his normal line of sight could see were her knees.


I love you a lot. I’m all yours and want to marry you. It was only after the day you proposed, that my parents discovered about us and began to torture me and prevented me from meeting you. Maybe we will give ourselves some time and marry in the heaven.

Yours forever.”

The dagger which he had clutched so hard loosened, dropped down and caught everyone’s eyes. Amidst all the looks, he could only repent.

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