What’s New Monday’s — Week of March 19th

What’s new this week!

It felt a little like retro week at Golteez. I had previously shared pictures of Litebrite and Slinkies arriving on our social media, and they were at hit. We literally sold a Litebrite off the table as Big Boss Fred placed it down.

Furthering the “classic” theme, Apples to Apples, which although is not considered a “classic” just yet, is on it’s way because of it’s popularity and entertainment value. I actually took one off the shelf, brought it home and played it with some buddies. It was a hit. Lots of screaming, laughing and actually good fun on a cold night. Seriously, can’t recommend it enough. Let’s call it a G-rated version of Cards Against Humanity.

Ok, ok, one more classic. This time is the Rubik’s Cube: the Void Puzzle. It really seems that this year is quickly becoming the year of the Rubik’s (Well for toys at least, I think Donald is in the news a bit more). As an individual who loves to learn and use logic, I cannot complain about this at all. This Rubik’s has a new twist to it or should I say hole… Uch fine, I won’t go into comedy but its was a decent joke, I think.

Super stoked with the 1000 piece Canadiens Puzzle that arrived. I believe I actually had a customer asking for it a few months ago, so if you’re reading this it’s not too late.

If you don’t understand why this is here, then please show your kiddos, they’re more in the know than you.

And lastly, here’s a few things that arrived this morning that the boss wanted to share. On the bottom left you have, Orchard toys, and on the bottom right, you have one of my favourite toys within the store, Smart Games. Obviously, going with my theme of loving logic, all these incorporate those aspects,

What’s coming up this week?

At the end of this week, we’re lucky enough to be hosting our first “Mummy Appreciation Brunch”. I invited two moms and two of their best friends to the store for: massage therapy (yes, seriously), bagels, lox, fruits, and drinks. Oh, and the kid’s are invited too, I have some activities for them to keep them quite, and having fun of course. If they like it, I like it and you like it, then I plan on expanding this project for the month of May, culminating in a big party for the mother’s around Mother’s Day. You like!?

P.S. Pops don’t worry, I got. Coming soon….

Have a good week,

Golteez xoxo.

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