We are hosting a Twitter contest to bring more awareness to the Corn project and we will love for all the members of the community to participate to create awareness and build a larger community.


1. Every participant must make a single Twitter post talking about CORN. Content should be centered around the “operating” and “powering” Corn machine.

2. Participants should make sure they use the PopCornToken’s unique hashtags #Popcorntoken, #CORN and $CORN when creating content, as entries without the proper hashtags will not be considered.

3. Participants should tag the official Twitter handle of Corn (@PopcornToken).

The Top 3 Participants will be selected based on the conditions below. …

Image for post
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Popcorn Operator operating the machine

Popcorn token Platform is similar to making your favorite snack.

For Making Popcorn, the key ingredients are a heat source, corn kernel, flavor, butter and sugar. The right amount of heat would make corn kernel to pop, flavor while the sweetener is added into the Popcorn machine to get the desired mix.

Popcorn Platform functions in a similar way, to get reward in this platform one has to make CORN pop, Popcorn (CORN) would have to be sent to the popcorn machine, Popcorn machine is similar to a staking dashboard which rewards individuals for holding Popcorn (CORN) for a particular period of time. …

What comes in your mind when you first think about the word ‘Popcorn’?


It must be memories of your favourite movies, fun time spent with friends, or just any gala time moment when you were in a light mood. We too had the same memories until we created something serious out of it. And rest assured in upcoming lines we are not going to discuss the entertainment snack at all.

We were enjoying the popped corns when we first thought about creating a Popcorn Token. …



Popcorn (CORN) is an ERC20 token, the new social experiment, fun and meme machine rolled into Ethereum blockchain. It’s the most enjoyable fun you can have.

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