Some words on Ariel Pink’s Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

Dedicated to Bobby Jameson — Mexican Summer, 2017

Famously on Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label before going major-minor with 4AD, Pink and now Mexican Summer…[insert blah about L.A.]…cult of personality…[without him no Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Neon Indian, et al.]. What is hypnogogic pop? Good question, the thing being a lot of people credit Pink with it — first of the indie boys in their bedrooms tweaking nobs. Pastiche artist/freak/boho/weirdo/solipsist/pick one? — [half-ass Frank Zappa comparisons…Ween? Maybe not so much. Certainly funny.] Provocateur? Of course. Serious? Maybe. BUT IS IT POP MUSIC? BUT CAN YOU DANCE TO IT…

Sally Rooney

In matters contemporary and literary, I have to confess myself a plebian and, sometimes, a philistine. My limited understanding of the literary world and its trends hasn’t left me exactly interested in its obvious entrenched elitism, its public flagellations and private self-confessions. Nor, to be frank, have I been interested in the consensus that seems to build up and bubble over from academic circles — a consensus that quickly equates suffering with virtue, and the narrative reclaiming of it the highest goal of art. …

On recent records from Cate Le Bon and Weyes Blood.

Cate Le Bon — Reward (Mexican Summer, 2019)

It begins with “Miami” and immediately I’m in the midst of a cascade of questions. What is this Welsh singer doing with this word, with this city, of all cities? She pronounces it so opaquely. Mi-ah-ah-mi. Stretched far out. The saxophones and the low chiming bell do sound a bit like a city — but is that all? All I have before me is this red, tilting woman, alone on a rock. Austere. “Decorate your own disco.” “Love neglected by reward/OK.” Opaque.

That is to say: Why Miami?

Why, to…

Sam Jennings

Culture writings from an American Midwest Boy™

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