Pop Culture Round-Up 09/07–15/07


I wasn’t sure if I would like this show but, I decided to take a chance anyway. After all, It’s not like I was making a huge commitment. It’s only four episodes that average about 20 minutes each. So I jumped on it.

Castlevania is an adaptation of a Video Game with the same name. I’ve only played one of the games (NES) once, a long time ago. So I knew almost nothing about it. But I got to say, even without knowing anything about the overall Castlevania story/universe, I had no problem understanding what was happening on it. And the show is very much worth watching.

The animation style is brilliant and the story itself is actually pretty good too. The voice acting was done very well and the atmosphere is perfect. Blood and gore was over the top. But, I’m a sucker for gratuitous violence in animations and movies so that didn’t really bother me.

I think that the first season of Castlevania is more of a prologue, to see if there is interest in an whole series. kind of setting up season 2, than maybe, a full on Castlevania story.

I really liked it. Only negative is that we will have to wait six months for season two. But I’m fucking stoked for the next season.


Holy shit this show just keeps getting better!

I’m very curious about the details of Cassidy relationship with Denis.
I love how they deliberately don’t translate Denis speaking in the show, that way we’re just as clueless as Jesse and Tulip.


Not going to lie, Seeing Tulip scared is very upsetting.

Meanwhile in Hell…
WTF! Hitler is always being so reasonable. They made him the nicest guy in Hell. He even hates bullies. I think this is kind of gross, though. Anyway, I do love how disappointed in Hitler Eugene seems to be with his worst memory. I mean, after all the shit that motherfucker did, getting rejected from art school is nothing.

Hitler and Eugene

I think that Eugene’s machine is not working because he doesn’t belong in hell.

Anyone else appreciate that Bryce is in hell? This has to be the weirdest 13 Reasons Why season 2 teaser. Netflix wouldn’t do it better

The fights on this show are awesome. Uptown girl is the last song I would ever expect for a fight scene but it worked perfectly. Who would thought that a pair of ear hook headphones would be the trick to avoid Jessie’s power, kind of lame if you ask me.

This week wait for new episodes is killing my soul! I need more Preacher in my life.

Baby Driver

I fucking loved this flick! One of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen all year (Spiderman Homecoming is still my number 1). I thought it was so well done and fresh. I liked that the movie had real stakes and consequences for actions.

And what an awesome cast. Ansel Egort is so good as Baby. Kevin Spacey was excellent as he always is. Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, and Eiza Gonzalez are all fantastic in the supporting roles.

And of course, the music was dope! Having the soundtrack such a big part of the movie was a great thing. I’m not going to lie, I’m a 90’s kid who craves music videos so this flick was like heaven to me.

I also loved the editing. whoever edited this movie definitely deserves an award for it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different things timed to music before. Bullets, car doors, sirens, dialogue…. So well done.

Baby and Debora made a bunch of inexplicably dumb decisions near the end but those actions did let me reeling at the edge of my seat.

On a surface level, this is just a heist flick that has a lot of cliches. But, it’s the love put into every shot that make it so special. I think this will become an instant action classic.


The episode was good. I think the Franklin story line is still my favorite so far. I am looking forward to seeing the different story lines join together.
Damn, Avi is intense! Sometimes I wish I was part of his squad. Hanging out by the pool, being a gangster looks really cool. Until someone gets hurt in one of his bullshit “games”.


The whole Mexican gang storyline is the weakest arc IMO. I hope it gets better but so far it is just so boring.

Welcome to the game Franklin. This is gonna be hard to watch next week. He’s a good kid, out $24,000 now. I haven’t felt this bad for a fictional character in a while. He need a crew, got his first taste of real life. I believe his uncle will get involved.

Franklin and his uncle

Looking like it’s going to get crazy pretty quick! Having fun watching it so far.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Friends From College: Season 1

This show was a big disappointment for me. I really like the cast but it feels like wasted comedy potential.

Friends From College is basically a collection of terrible people that you’re supposed to hate and the show does a great job of making you not like them. The characters made some absurd choices throughout the series. The writing has no focus whatsoever and some storylines are forgettable at best. However, I can’t deny that there are a few funny moments on it. The whole “Wolf Trials” book storyline for example. It was hilarious and I didn’t see that twist coming at all.

Keegan-Michael Key and Fred Savage have a great chemistry together and are outstanding in the show. Billy Eichner as Savage’s grumpy boyfriend steals almost every scene he’s in. It was really weird seeing Eichner be the most reasonable person. But he did a really good job. I think those are the only good things about this show.

Friends From College is a dramedy that doesn’t work. I just hope that Netflix become more picky in relation to the next shows they will produce. Because this year so far, they had more misses than hits IMO.

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