Pop Culture Round-Up | 26/03–01/04

This week I talk about a spinoff that I hope will happen someday, some classic movies, how Legion makes me bored and the comeback of one of my favorite shows


Sunday night = HBO’s great lineup of shows. HBO has opted to air all of its hit shows on a Sunday night and they are by far a better option than the AMC and Showtime programs aired in the same day.

I mean — Girls, Crashing and Big Little Lies > The Walking Dead [a show with zombies, written by zombies for zombies], Billions [Who the fuck cares about two rich white dudes full of pride?] and Homeland [I cannot believe they’re still airing this shit]

Anyway, I was never a big fan of Girls but last season was really good and this season, which is the last one, has been even better so what can I say? I’m a fan now. Also I can’t wait for the Elijah spinoff lol. But seriously though, Andrew Rannells killed it on this really good episode and so did everyone else involved on it. Just one last thing about Girls before I move on, FUCK Marnie!

What a fucking annoying bitch.

Crashing was fun. This show has a lot of potential and I’m happy it was already picked up for a second season. I loved all the cameos on this episode, Sarah Silverman hanging out with Artie Lange was really cool.

Artie Lange and Sarah Silverman learning how Pete lost his virginity

I was only watching Big Little Lies because it is beautifully shot but now I’m really into it. Besides the A-list cast the show is only average but I can’t stop watching it. Seriously, this shit is like Crack cocaine. I don’t think I could endure a second season of this but I’m really curious to see where it goes.


Gene Hackman — The French Connection

On Monday I decided to watch some classic movies. The first one was The French Connection. I won’t lie to you guys, I actually wanted to watch The Italian Job but for some reason [Dyslexia] I bought the wrong movie lol. But I have no regrets because I really enjoyed The French Connection. The scene Gene Hackman’s sidekick finds him handcuffed to his bed by the bicyclist girl reminds me of my own life circa 2007 [I miss my 2007 self]. The ending is very bleak but I really liked it.

The other movie I watched was Escape From New York, a classic B-Movie from the early 80's directed by the great John Carpenter and starring Star-Lord’s father, Kurt Russell. Really fun movie, it has a very interesting premise and very dated special effects which is fine by me, I actually dig 80's practical effects. The ending is the ultimate “fuck authority” attitude from 80's punk rock, gotta love it!


Tuesday is probably my favorite day of the week because it is The Americans day.

Seriously, this show can’t get any better, I love it! In this particular episode Russian spies Philip and Elizabeth kept spying in the free world with some rad disguises and the best wigs on TV! Their daughter Paige [the next KGB youth recruit] was snooping around Pastor Tim’s house and their son Henry was [as usual] nowhere to be found. Ahhh, and Stan is rebelling against the FBI, sweet! It was also good to see Svetlana from The Sopranos showing up once again as the grocery store owner who Oleg is investigating in Russia. No sight of Martha this time though, poor Martha.


Wednesday I checked the season finale of Legion. I have mixed feelings about this show, sometimes I really enjoyed it but most of the time it felt like the story wasn’t going anywhere. Very frustrating! Visually, Legion is amazing and the 60’s aesthetic reminds me of The Royal Tenenbaums, which is a great thing, but the plot is just so fucking boring and I kind of lost interest after episode 3. As a side note, please just give all the Emmys to Aubrey Plaza, she certainly deserves them.

Aubrey Plaza was the best thing about Legion


Thursday I went to the cinema to see Ghost in the Shell. Good thing that my expectations for the movie were so low because the flick was not that good. I guess you could say It was just, “Meh!” Visually, however GitS is stunning! I think I ever seen better visual effects in a film, but it is slow AF. And the excuses they came up to explain all the whitewashing did not convinced me at all.


Friday I just chilled at home and watched some Netflix. First I checked out this movie called The Discovery, which has a pretty unique premise. Basically, the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified and this discovery has led to millions of people around the world committing suicide. Overall, I liked the movie. While not a masterpiece, it is very entertaining. it reminded me a little bit of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

After browsing Netflix for almost an hour (that is the best thing about Netflix, right?) I decided to finally watch the documentary Tickled. This movie had been on my radar for a while, but despite all the hype about it I would always ask myself “Do you really want to watch a movie about tickling?” The answer would always be “NO!” But, I have to admit I was wrong. This is a really good documentary, it just felt that the ending was a little rushed, it almost like they ran out of money or something.


Saturday I decided to lay low on the internet due to the April Fools’ nonsense, but around midnight I checked my twitter feed and to my surprise I saw this tweet from Dan Harmon

Yeah Bitches! Rick and Morty is Back!!

For April Fools’ Day, Adult Swim released a new episode in the long anticipated third season of Rick and Morty. Even though this wasn’t an official launch to Season 3, just a one-off joke, it was still fucking awesome! So I spent the rest of my Saturday evening watching this episode over and over again. This was the best pop-culture experience of the week for me. And BTW,


During this last week I’ve been constantly listening to the two new tracks Kendrick Lamar just dropped. They are fucking awesome tunes and I highly recommend that everyone give them a listen. I have also been listen to Ho99o9 (I’m not having a stroke while typing, that is how the name of the group is spelled ) song called  United States Of Horror. I am also listening to Mikey Mike’s — Doin’ Me, Grace Mitchell’s (I’m such a sucker for redheads) — Kids Ain’t Alright and the new Blink-182 single — Misery which has very Emo lyrics. it’s 2017 and I’m still Emo lol

The only two podcasts that are worth mentioning this week come from Bret Easton Ellis and Bill Simmons.

Bret went on a hilarious 35 minute rant about how people in Hollywood are overreacting to Trump’s presidency. But it sounds like Bret’s frustration with Hollywood is more of a metaphor for his own problematic relationship with his boyfriend. Seriously, this is a must listen. You don’t even need to bother to stay for the rest of the podcast, which is an interview he did with some lame country singer.

Kevin Durant

Bill Simmons (The man who invented everything) interviewed Kevin Durant and it was great! K.D. seems like a good dude, he is so chill and down to earth. He talked about changing teams and how he understands the frustrations of the OKC fans. He also mentioned how he respects the old school players even though those guys don’t show any respect for the current NBA players. Even Bill Simmons was slightly less shitty than usual. LOL

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