A Chosen People
Yonatan Zunger

As a secular non-believer and a former Christian, this article included the best answer to the question of evil I’ve encountered (admittedly, not having delved too deeply myself into the problem). That grouping of free will, physical laws, and perfect justice made a lot of logical sense. I also appreciated the perspective of what the Jews were chosen for, responsibility, not privilege. That’s a pretty neat idea that by the time the Messiah comes, no one will know it’s happened. That also makes more sense to me. The classic Christian view that God will wipe out all evil and we can all just sit back and watch him do it and then live happily ever after? That’s just wildly inconsistent with history. But if God works through people? Through history? Then your view makes a lot of sense.

I appreciate you writing this, even if I wasn’t your target audience.

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