F The Temptation

I am an active person, I move a lot, I ran a lot and I eat healthy. It’s tough when I see commercial about sugary saturated drinks. It’s like they are trying to mock me “Hey, you want to be healthy? Well suck to be you bro coz this shit is good!”

I haven’t drink any soft drink for a long time and I have no plan to drink any of it again, well that’s my plan but sometime I saw people around me, consuming these type of drink and it hurts me.

I am not saying I am the healthiest person, I still consume an unhealthy meal and beers.

In Thailand, these sugar saturated drinks are all over the places, you turn left, you turn right and these things are everywhere. To be hornest, I occasionally temped to drink these drinks after a long hard workout. Obesity is not something that I’m worried about, not because being healthy but it’s a part of life. But it hurts me when the public ignore this issue. It’s funny but you can get a cheaper sugar drinks than a bottle of water.

My passion for being healthy is not as stong as many fitness people. I think life sometime need to be relax, I don’t workout when I feel lazy, I still have school to attend. My family doesn’t force me to be healthy. I just do it. I’m hoping that one day people will realize that being healthy is more than just doing a food control and lifting weight, but having a good mind and love people around you is as important as doing a sit-up.

It frustrated me when I’m stress about having a priority to workout. It made me become an angry person. But when I relaxed my mind and seeing fitness as something as a fun journey, my performance is better. The temptation around me is also far worse. I know that there are so many people that’s better than me in every aspect, I sometime questioned to myself of the reason why working out. Why do I have to suffer? Why do I have to sacrifice my time for a goodbody? For who and why?

It’s because of these things that bring the best of us. It’s not the heaviness of the weight that gives you out but the facts that temptation is the biggest villian of having a good habit. Let’s fight the battles.