10 ez stps 2 mk ur drms cm tr.

1. Drms

2. SMRT Gls

3. Pln

4. Implmnt

5. Assss

6. Rpt Stps 1-5

7. Dnt Gv Up

8. Rlx

9. Rpt Stps 1-8

10. Dnt Gv Up

OK, now it’s tmie to suht dwon yuor latpop and all mibole diveces.

Do semothnig!

Good tuhogths are no beettr tahn good derams, ulness tehy be ecexuetd.

Dno’t froegt to suht up!

Let yuor atcions sepak luoedr tahn yuor wrods.

And Dno’t Gvie Up!

If yuo’re terid of satrtnig oevr sotp gvinig up.

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