App ideas that are great to improve your coding skills, experiment with new technologies and add to your portfolio!

We all know that it can be hard sometimes to find new application ideas that you could build in order to either improve or learn a new programming language or framework.

In this article we’re going to look into 15 app ideas which are:

  • great to improve your coding skills 💪;

And on top of that, each…

Recently I had to create a Countdown for one of my other projects, and I thought that it could also make a good tutorial. So in this post we’re going to create this component using React and a little bit of SVG. 😄

You can find the final result in this Codepen example:

First we will create the countdown functionality and then we will look into how to create the animated arc using SVG with some fancy functions. 😉

Creating the Countdown functionality

For this we’re going to use MomentJS library which will help us parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times.

These days I’ve been working on a new page for my website. I wanted to have a Timeline to showcase some of my professional accomplishments over the years.

I did it for a couple of reasons:

  1. My future self will look back one day and say: “Wow… I remember the day when I did that! How happy I was to achieve that goal!” Our success is a journey, not a destination and I want to write down every goal that I achieve along the way

The theme for week #6 of the Weekly Coding Challenge is:


“A button? 🤔” you might ask… Yes! A button! 😄

“But why?”

Because a button is one of the building blocks of any website/web application. Whether you are on Facebook or Twitter or Google, etc, you’ll always find a button that allows you to interact with the application in some way. So this week we’re going to build buttons — lots of buttons!

If you want to participate in the Challenge, feel free to build any kind of buttons: 3D buttons, buttons with ripple effect, animating buttons, etc —…

Two weeks ago I published an article containing 15 project ideas that you can build to level up your coding skills, and people were very excited about that resource.

Also, the app-ideas repository has gotten almost 3000 stars since I published that article. That’s insane! 😱

Thank you all for that! 🙏

In this post we’ll go over some new projects that were added to the repository since then.

As a quick reminder, all of the projects are divided into three tiers based on the knowledge and experience required to complete them. Check out the tiers description in the repository.

The theme for week #5 of the Weekly Coding Challenge is:

Creating a Drawing Application

This is the first application that we are building in the #weeklyCodingChallenge program. So far we have built smaller projects, so this is pretty exciting if you ask me! 😄

In this article we’ll use p5js, a drawing library, to build a Drawing Application:

Check out the CodePen here:

If you want to learn more about p5js and what it does, you can visit their official website. …

Have you ever wanted to build something but you had no idea what to do? Just as authors sometimes have “writer's block” it’s also true for developers.

Together with my friend Jim we created a collection of application ideas which is intended to solve this issue once and for all! 👍

These applications are:

  • great to improve your coding skills


The theme for week #3 of my Weekly Coding Challenge is navigation! So let’s learn a bit more about it.


A navigation component is crucial on a website because you want your users be able to easily navigate through your pages. You can find a navigation component even on single page websites that’ll allow you to jump to a certain section on the page. So as a developer, it is very useful to know how to build this kind of component.

In this article, I decided to build a Tab Bar Navigation, but you can build any kind of navigation…

Some of you might already know but for those who don’t, I’m starting a Weekly Coding Challenge with all of you! 😄

This challenge is meant to help improve our coding skills by practicing on real-life projects.

You can read more about this challenge and how you can join it by reading The Complete Guide.

Alright… so the challenge for this week was: Create a Sign in or Sign up form (or both).

Below you can see a demo of what I’ve created:

Truth to be told, I’ve struggled a bit with creating the animation 😅, but in the end…

For today I was thinking that we could build an App using React, and because the people from the Chingu group I’m in are working to create a Book Finder App I decided to build something similar. I also wanted to avoid building the exact same app as I would spoil them by writing this article. ^_^

So… We’re going to build a Movie Search App! :D

Below you can see the Movie Card design we’re going to use in our app:

The design was inspired from this Dribbble by Rizka Prayuda.

Note: I won’t go into details of how…

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