Freshen up on the Go

We can all feel that the summer is right around the corner. Lately, temperatures have literally exploded and made us think about buying that air conditioning that is usually unnecessary. As Londoners, it is quite hard to complain about that sudden heat after enduring so many cloudy days. Those after-works in parks, enjoying the sunshine is priceless and too rare to be missed out.

According to the weather forecasts, it seems like this summer, the temperature is going to break some records if it keeps it up. With Trump withdrawing the United States from Paris climate agreement, it should not slow down actually. As the wise Voltaire says “one man’s loss is another man’s gain”. To meditate…

Knowing that summer rhymes with the sunshine, blue sky, and high temperatures, staying cool is a big challenge. A city like London is not really compatible with such high temperatures. It can quickly turn out as a nightmare. Taking public transportation is like going straight to hell. Feeling soaked on the way to work is definitely not the right way to start off the day. It’s not commuters who would say the opposite. Nothing worse than heating up while travelling.

An alternative to not suffer the heat

The world has never ever been as much connected as it is now. Nevertheless, it still seems like having a place to recharge or freshen up is not common. That‘s why Popnrest is focusing on providing an on-demand platform to book private spaces for commuters, workers, and travellers to nap, shower, relax or do whatever helps them to recharge.

Let’s be honest. Who’s never ever fancied of taking a quick shower between two meetings or after a long layover?

Soon we will feature PopPods — the first nap, shower and relaxation station in London on our brand-new platform.

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