Overwhelmed at Work… Stop this feeling!

Nowadays, feeling overwhelmed at work is becoming something in common with many people.

Technology has made us connected and reachable anytime, anywhere, because of smartphones, laptops, text messages, phone calls and even watches now. Being constantly on our devices has exercised a pressure that many people struggle to deal with, affecting work performance along with relationships with others. Moreover, the daily task of an employee is consistently increasing since he or she has to be multi-tasking which includes more responsibilities and more deadlines to meet. Consequences? The employee feels overwhelmed which affects his or her performance at work. Stress is the factor that follows that overwhelming.

Most of the time, as a manager, it is quite tough to notice that one of the employees is suffering since, most of the time, they attempt to hide in order not to show any weaknesses. The well-being of employees should be the number one duty of a manager so that the team’s dynamic would be optimal.

The next question would be how to fight or reduce that overwhelming feeling at work? There are many ways to block that vast generated by stress.

Meditation in the workplace has many benefits that are unknown from the majority of people. A short meditation session, no more than 20 minutes, on a daily basis, can help you to improve your well-being at work along with your effectiveness. The stress factor has a faculty to make us choose bad decisions under pressure. Meditation can improve many aspects of your personality if you are willing to put some work in. At first, it may feel like it does not help or you do not notice any significant changes. Persevere and give some time, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Taking breaks and relax are also an easy way to reduce the stress caused at work. However, it is not always easy to have a calm atmosphere to relax or having time when you face big amounts of work. Sometimes, the pressure at work is so overwhelming that some of us skip even lunch breaks to meet deadlines. Skipping breaks will not improve the job performance but in fact depletes it, which will result in a slower execution and more mistakes. Obviously, you cannot put the cart before horses and must listen to your body that gives significant signs of tiredness. Avoiding them will only make it worse and worse until you collapse or burn out.

That overwhelming feeling at work can be avoided through different ways. Having a calm environment is mostly the main reason why people cannot afford it since they either work in an open space or there are no quiet rooms in the building. Here’s the solution, Pop&Rest allows you to book your private space to nap, relax or meditate during the daytime.

Soon we will feature PopPods — the first nap and relax space in London