Because the internet...
eyes blind shut from the backlight
battery saver for no light

Because the internet...
hard to keep up with trends 
but i never miss

Because the internet...
i put up posts about myself
that got my online status poppin

but really they not things 
i believe in, nor ever experienced. just a bunch of lies to earn likes and retweets
Because the internet...

I fight you, I fight God, I fight myself
from expressing unpopular opinions
for fear they don't get accepted
then i get trolled and put up on trailerjams, krakstv and the other racketeers,
racking up numbers off the desire to make humour of others' folly

Because the internet...
I fight the urge to be and express myself and cave into fear;
for i ain't got no summer body,
nor fine clothes, brilliant ideas, a pretty face or all that other shit that bring about acceptance and attention

so i lock myself up, stuck up on retweets and fake love shown on social media streets

Because the internet, 
my fears remain within,
mental health in the blinds
cyber bullying on the rise 
important issues get trivialized
self esteems depleted

The world's a global village 
Because the internet,
I'm a hermit with busy thumbs
hiding and fighting myself 
from and for the attention 
And so i lose myself in few words
built to feed creativity 
but rid me of the will to be free
cos my lack of confidence won't let me fly.
Damn it.

Who am I? 
Cos really, Because The Internet...